About Mouth of Babes

It all began with a blog following obsession, that came from spending endless days in the house with nothing to do. Day after day, I was following the lives of these people who went from being average citizens to becoming some of the most well known figures in the blogging industry (it definitely comes with its rewards). Unsatisfied with my own life and craving all of the material things that I read about but couldn’t afford, I began to have delusions of grandeur that I could start my own blog with a catchy title, use all the same material as everyone else, and become an overnight, money making sensation. I also became a HUGE underground music fan over the course of a year and came to the realization that one of the only things that could keep me sane from day to day was my music. It was with this knowledge that I decided a career in the entertainment industry was my dream job, and I would do whatever it takes to pursue it. With all of the dreams in tow, there was one major piece missing from the equation– God. Throughout my whole life, I’ve made it my goal not to give in to the temptation and have been pretty successful thus far, but if  I dove into the entertainment industry head first, i could easily undo all of that hard work and lose sight of my morals. I came to this frightening realization after my brother-in-law made me watch a series of sermons from G. Craige Lewis titled “The Truth Behind Hip-Hop”. Now, mind you, I don’t necessarily agree with the “scare them to Christ” approach and some of his facts might not be entirely accurate, but I do believe that God has placed a special calling on his life to expose one of the devil’s most effective forms of trickery. You can’t leave your spiritual well being at the mercy of the world, there are no loopholes to living your life for Christ. The obstacles that young people are facing today are not the same obstacles that our parents faced. The devil is constantly evolving and conjuring up new ways too lead the people of God astray. We leave our spiritual well being at the mercy of a corrupt world everyday when we turn on the radio, download songs, watch TV Shows, and go to the movies with no background information on the people involved. For those who are solid in their faith, God is able to warn them of unseen dangers because there is an open path of communication between them and their maker. But for those of us who haven’t yet gotten to that point, can easily fall victim to the traps of the enemy if we don’t protect ourselves. Let’s call this blog an insurance policy, a place where you can trust that the content being fed to you has been closely monitored and was created for the soul purpose of giving God the glory. [No Kanye West “Jesus Walks” type of foolishness either] It has taken me a long time to accept what I’ve always known to be true, which is that if you’re going to be a part-time Christian, you might as well not be a Christian at all because God is looking for those who are dedicated to following his will. It’ll be harder to reach my goals without giving into the whiles of this world, but it ‘ll be that much more fulfilling when I do. So stay tuned, because God’s still working on me. But for now, I’ll use this blog to keep me focused in the right direction. =)