Give God Your Best! Get the MOST out of LESS

by LoveBaby Jones

Today, I was tweeting about how disappointed I am at some of the Christian community’s creative efforts. Now before you label me as an infected limb on the body of Christ, let me make myself clear. I’m not here to put down or diminish anyone’s efforts to edify and inspire God’s people, especially if everything is done with a pure heart and to the glory of God. What I’m saying is that a lot of times, people will get these grand ideas or “visions from God” (I put that in quotes because the phrase is often misused) and assume that they’re meant to be accomplished right now. However, that’s usually not the case; in fact, the grander the idea looks to you, the longer it’ll probably take to accomplish–not to say that God isn’t capable of performing the work right then and there. Just be careful not to jump the gun when it comes to your destiny, but instead, leave everything in God’s hands. After all, God’s timing is not our own, so try your best to acquire patience and it will serve you well in this lifetime. It’s okay to have less! Let me repeat that for all TBN and Word Network frequenters. IT’S OKAY TO HAVE LESS! A lot of times, people will get caught up in what other people are doing and what they have. What ends up happening is that we start to see a lot of carbon copies and very few originals. Take note of this saints: no matter how hard you try, you can never “do” someone else better than, or even as good as, they can. We don’t want the Christian version of what the world has, at least, the true body of Christ doesn’t. Stick to what you do best, the thing that God created you to do, and allow others to do what God created them to do. That’s why we’re a body. The foot can’t do what the hand does, neither can the eye do what the ear does. The spirit disperses gifts as it pleases (1 Corinthians 12:11), so you can’t just say a prayer and become something if God hasn’t willed it. Just focus your energy on being a willing vessel of God and He will lead you every step of the way. Don’t gage your journey against someone else’s, but do your best with what God has given you–lest you fall into the same trap that Cain did in Genesis 4.

(This is an old post that I found in my drafts. I figured it might help someone.)