Show Me Your Guns: The Measure of A True Christian

by LoveBaby Jones

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About an hour ago, I watched this video of James Cone speaking at the “State of the Black Union: The Black Church” panel discussion. I found it rather bizarre that this radical black libertarian theologian would be sitting next to someone like Bishop Paul S. Morton, but they tend to arrange these types of scenarios for the situational irony. But I digress–back to my point…I hope that you take the time to watch the video before reading any further, because I’d rather you hear the words from the horse’s mouth. But for those whose time is far too precious, I’ll try my best to summarize. Basically, Dr. Cone’s main point was that the problem with the black church is that its lost sight of what Christianity is really about–failure. He used the example of the cross, which would be Jesus’ failure (by the world’s standards), to emphasize his point that the black church needs to get back to a place where it upholds struggle over comfort….defeat over triumph…poverty over lucre. The church has to get back to a place where it’s humbled before God and man, naked, and vigorous in its assertion of the gospel of Jesus Christ. What does it mean to be approved by man? Aside from Christ, man is totally depraved and wicked in all its ways. On the other hand, what does it mean to be approved by God? It means that you have adopted his likeness and completely surrendered your will to his, along with the promise of eternal life through Christ. Prosperity teachers, stop dangling your platinum crosses in people’s faces and point them to the real cross, the one that was heavy, rugged, and stained w/ Jesus’s blood. Stop painting a glamourous picture of Christianity. Show them the videos of what’s happening in places like India and Sudan to people who unabashedly stand for Christ. Preach on the passages in the bible that often get overlooked. Tell them the price they’ll have to pay for salvation–their lives. Jesus Christ doesn’t want fans, he wants followers. Who’s willing to pick up their cross to follow him? Show me your guns! Show me the fruits of your labor for Christ….that’s the real measure of a Christian. We don’t need glitz and glam, we need muscle. That’s where our real strength lies.

This video has inspired me so much, by reminding me what my faith is all about. If I don’t live up to this message and I’m in the same place six months from now, call me out on it. I’m so serious. It’s time out for playing games in the church. I’ve been to way too many “holy ghost parties” with nothing to celebrate. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. Who’s ready?

Response to the video:

I think part of that fail we should be expecting is that some people won’t like the cross, and turn away from the church. But the ultimate success would be seen in those who were drawn and changed by the cross. – @JoyisWar