Asians for Christ!

by LoveBaby Jones

I have always been a fan of Asian culture, in general, my favorites being Japanese and Korean 🙂 The way that they train their children up to be driven in academics and respectful towards elders is admirable within itself. Not to mention, the seed of creativity is planted and nurtured from a young age. Before I go off on a tangent, let me get back to the task at hand. This week, while perusing around Bandcamp, I happened to come across some fresh talent in the realm of Christian music. These two bands, The Nehemiah Band and Amp, are proof that Christians can get down too. They have a fresh, contemporary sound that this generation can get into. When it comes to music, or any artistic genre for that matter, it’s all about penetrating the soul of the listener and reaching that sacred, most vulnerable place of the conscience. A lot of people manipulate the power that music has to accomplish evil and implant counter-morals for personal profit. Therefore, it’s nice to see two groups of young Christians doing the exact opposite. The Nehemiah Band’s LP “Break of Dawn” sheds light to the pressure that young, church bred Christians often feel to live up to the standards that their parents set before them. As a result, one often ends up with a false sense of what it means to be a follower of Christ–the idea that church attendance and good deeds make one closer to God. Many, when they finally are awakened to the deception of religiousness, fall astray and seek to fill that empty void by worldly means. What God wants His children to know is that while we were blind to reality, He was always present. In those moments when we couldn’t see or hear Him, he was quietly planting seeds of wisdom that can only bloom when we fully surrender our lives to Him. Songs such as “Do It My Way” struck a tender chord in my heart and caused me to reflect on my childhood growing up the church, but never fully grasping what everything meant and the significance of my salvation through Christ. Their music can be best described as edgy, folky, hip-hop, soul. Since my description can hardly suffice, take a listen for yourself.

TNB’s Official Website

TNB’s Bandcamp

TNB’s Myspace Page

The second group, Amp, which hails from Gaithersburg, MD, has a much different flair. J Han and Chung Lee bring the rhymes and Sam Ock brings the vocals (he also spits a verse himself from time to time). The trio recently came to together, seeing the power in numbers, to create their first group effort–an EP titled “Amplify”. The name for the group and the EP both come from a poster that reads “Amplify Christ” which can be seen in a few of their Youtube videos. I see this group going great places and I’ve only heard 6 songs from them. Be sure to check out all of their websites which I will post the links for below.

Amp’s Bandcamp

Amp’s Myspace Page

Amp’s Youtube Channel

Amp’s Reverb Account

I can’t end this post without mentioning my mans, Jin, and his incredible comeback! I say “my mans” like I know dude personally, but I almost feel like I do. I’ve watched his entire career progress from his days on 106 & Park to his short ride with Ruff Ryders. I remember crying tears of joy when Jadakiss handed him his Ruff Ryders chain. I was so blessed to come across his myspace one day a few months ago and find out that he had handed his life over to Christ. His new mixtape, Say Something, shows that dude still has it. My favorite track is “Beautiful Story”  because it’s a very honest and detailed description of his journey to reach this point and who doesn’t like a good story?

Jin’s Myspace

I hope that you all enjoy these three rare and unique gems as much as I did 🙂 God bless! And remember….God is Love, Baby! ♥