A Rant…

by LoveBaby Jones

“Black people…we’re either jumping the gun or shooting it” – @EvILLUSIONist

I wrote the above quote in a tweet earlier today and it completely sums up how I’m feeling about the black community. Whether it’s Sean Bell’s murder, the census, a politician’s comment, etc., we’re so quick to pull the race card and jump to conclusions that are simply….FALSE. Stop jumping on youtube, twitter, facebook, or whatever social network you can get your hands on, and going off on topics or incidents that you have no information about. Somebody’s commentary on a TV show does not count as information; that’s what we educated individuals like to call an OPINION. If you’re sitting there giving me an opinion on an opinion, that makes everything that you’re saying null in void; therefore, you just wasted several precious minutes of your life and mine. I’m writing all of this to say, cut it out! Every white person in the world is not racist, and even if they were, they could not possibly bring more peril to your life than we have brought on ourselves. Remember, something can only be offensive to you if A) It’s been brought to your attention & B) You agree w/ what’s being said to some extent. Let’s spend less time focusing on others, and work on ourselves. When you have your stuff together, you can effect change–no one is impressed by your mess. Also, let’s stop suggesting that we all come together and address the problems in our community, if no one actually plans on doing that. Now, either come together or stay divided; whatever you choose to do, start DOING it and stop talking about it. Peace and hair grease! — The Love Baby