Eternal Life Music…Definitely Worth a Listen

by LoveBaby Jones


Some noteworthy tracks:

The Countdown

Still Love U (ft. Nicole Danielle)

Dear Self (ft. Sis Lee)

Supernatural Love Song (ft. Leah Smith)

A few months back, I came across a website while I was going through my “new music search” and at first I wasn’t sure if it was an artist website or just a blog to be honest. Initially, was drawn by the set up of the site and was taking a few mental notes for how I might be able to further develop my blog in the future. After a while, however, I realized that it was an artist website for a Christian rap group. I clicked on a couple of the music links they had on the site and, after a few minutes, said to myself, “wow, they’re pretty nice…”. At the time however, if I’m not mistaken, their full album hadn’t been posted yet; it was just their ep and maybe one or two tracks off the album. As a new blogger/reformed christian, I took advantage of the “send a message” option and wrote a heartfelt paragraph telling them my story and asking if they would look at my blog and give me a few pointers. I told myself that they would probably never read it or reply, but given the rare chance that they did, it was worth it to take the time and get out everything I had to say. Well, I used an email address that I didn’t check or use often, so it took me months to finally see the kind and encouraging reply message I was sent within a pretty short time frame. In fact, it was that message that encouraged me to come back and continue to update my blog. Therefore, it’s only right that I dedicate a post to Eternal Life Music.

Here’s a link to the music page on their website, where you can listen to and download all of their music–for free! Enjoy 🙂 >> Eternal Life Music/Albums

God is Love, Baby! ♥