A Renewed Experience

by LoveBaby Jones

theexperienceIt would be extremely selfish of me if I didn’t dedicate a post to the album that has changed my life forever. In previous posts, I’ve talked about my recent decision to purge myself of all of my worldly music in a quest to get closer to God. Well let me just say, it has been a successful journey and I can feel the change already. While a lot of things are shifting around in my world, one thing will always remain the same: the significance that music has over my life. When I’m feeling down or stressed, all I have to do is turn on some nice tunes to put my mind at ease. But perhaps all along I was providing myself with a surface level of comfort while feeding negative energy into my spirit and life, because I was listening to the wrong music. So over the past couple of weeks, I have built up a new collection of Christian music to keep me in a positive place. Among this collection is the cd shown above, Oakwood University 5th anniversary USM Compillation. The students of Oakwood’s United Student Movement release these compillations every year to fundraise for their music department as well as sew into the lives of those who are willing to listen. I know that I was ecstatic to find an album that feeds me spiritually while, at the same time, satisfying my unique musical taste. It encouraged me to keep pressing forward and pursue my dreams while giving God all of the glory. I have been deeply touched by this excellent body of work put together by the students and alumni of Oakwood University and some of their good friends in the music industry. I hope that it blesses you like it’s blessed  me and I wish on your own journey towards truth and fulfillment in the Lord! God Bless!

Here’s my favorite song off the album, “Exchange” by Joyce Pressley Bellamy. Below that is a video about the project:
Joyce Pressley Bellamy- Exchange

Vodpod videos no longer available.

God is Love, Baby! ♥