Praise the Lord, Saints! (I’ve always wanted to say that. lol)

by LoveBaby Jones

loring cornish

On my first official blog post, I would like to talk about something that has been capturing my curiosity for AGES– something I’ve come to affectionately refer to as “the Jesus house”. You’re probably wondering, “What on earth could she possibly be talking about??”. Well, anyone who lives near Druid Park or is familiar with the West Baltimore area might know just what I’m referring to. Right when you turn onto Fulton off of Druid Ave., when you look to your right, you can see this rowhouse about a block of the way down that appears to be covered in tin foil or some other shiny material– at least, that was my initial guess. But I began to look out for the house every time my mom drove down that same way and I realized that the “tin foil” was actually bits of mirror and towards the top of the house the word “Jesus” is spelled out in colorful mosaic tiles. Once I figured this out, 1) I was amazed that someone would dare to make such a bold profession of their faith on the facade of their home [especially considering the nature of the surrounding neighborhood] 2) The artist inside of me immediately began thinking of concepts for photoshoots I could do using the house as my canvas. Any creative person upon seeing that place would be intrigued to some degree– at least enough to ask themselves “Would it be too weird if I knocked on the door just to see who answers it?”. No, I did not muster up the courage to go knock on a strangers door, but I did use the godly imparted source that we all know as Google to do some investigative work, and what do u know, I was able to unmask the identity of the owner in question.  His name is Loring Cornish and he’s a well known visual artist from the Penn North region of West Baltimore. Read up on his fascinating story in this 2008 article written on him for Baltimore Magazine.

Also, if you’d like, take a few minutes to watch the video I posted below. Enjoy!

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God is Love, Baby! ♥